I’m Michael Sullivan, 

You could say that I’m a “multidisciplinary everything” within design and digital innovation.

I create concepts, branding and digital solutions.

Companies normally hire me when they need to define and execute their digital transformation strategy or something related to brand and business development. Some times it’s a design system or design that needs to be delivered, like the ones in my portfolio.


2001 I founded Metropolis Media Group in Barcelona, Spain.

Metropolis was a “creative house” with various disciplines that included a design studio, a coding agency, a city guide and a luxury glossy magazine called Display. Close to 100 people worked with Metropolis and together we delivered work to companies such as Apple, LVMH and Heineken. We collaborated closely with other great creatives such as Mario Testino, David LaChapelle, Karl Lagerfeld and Isaac Leon to name a few.


In 2018 I sold Metropolis and moved back to Stockholm, Sweden. My new assignment was to  build a design division for Enfo, a nordic digital transformation company.

By the end of 2020 design thinking was implemented into the DNA of +900 employees.


Apart from designing and innovating I have the privilege to speak publicly about design and transformation and work as a mentor for other creatives.