I’m Michael Sullivan, 

I’m a results driven multidisciplinary design leader within design, branding and digital innovation.

I create concepts, branding and digital solutions.

Companies normally hire me when they need to define and execute a design strategy, digital transformation or projects related to brand development. Some times it’s a design system or design that needs to be delivered, like the ones in my portfolio.


2001 I founded Metropolis Media Group in Barcelona, Spain.

Metropolis was a creative house with various disciplines that included a design studio, a coding agency, a city guide and a luxury glossy magazine called Display. Close to 100 people worked with Metropolis and together we delivered work to companies such as LVMH, Heineken and Starwood-Marriott. We collaborated closely with other great creatives such as Testino, LaChapelle, Karl Lagerfeld and Isaac Leon to name a few.


In 2017 I sold Metropolis and moved back to Stockholm, Sweden. My new assignment was to  build a design division for Enfo, a nordic digital transformation company.

By the end of 2020 design thinking and a rebranding was implemented into the DNA of +1000 employees.


Apart from designing and innovating I have the privilege to speak publicly about design, transformation and work as a mentor for other creatives.