Michael Sullivan is a creative designer and entrepreneur born in Sweden, raised in Spain and currently residing in Stockholm.

Initially Michael studied music and had his mind set on becoming a great jazz drummer like his father. Jazz wasn’t really a walk in the park so after 3 years he changed direction to design.


After graduating Michael started Metropolis, a design studio in Barcelona. At the time there was a great market for the “Scandinavian minimalistic design language” – so the studio grew.  Although it wasn’t until they launched their own magazine, Display it skyrocketed for real. Display attracted great collaborations with names such as Testino, Versace, LaChapelle and brands; Art Basel and Moet to name a few. 

Fun fact; Metropolis was even asked to design the Hilary Clinton campaign 2016 – in the end they didn’t but that’s another story.


In 2018 he sold Metropolis to a larger corporation and moved to Sweden. His new assignment was to build a design division at a nordic IT company called Enfo. Said and done, at the end of 2020 he had design implemented into the DNA of +900 employees.


Michael is multidisciplinary within design, he knows the craft and the business behind it. He is published internationally, is a speaker, a mentor and is passionate about what he does.