I am

Michael Sullivan.



I’m a results-driven multidisciplinary creative leader within DX*

Founder and SVP Design of Metropolis Media Group, Barcelona 2001, a creativity-first powerhouse. Thanks to an unbeatable work culture, passion and meticulous craftsmanship, Metropolis became a go-to agency for innovative minds and new-thinkers.

Close to 100 creatives worked with Metropolis, and together we delivered award winning brand and digital solutions. Our client list spun from luxury to fin-tech brands such as LVMH, W-Hotels, Lloyds Bank and Intel.

After almost 20 years in Spain I needed a change, so I exited Metropolis and moved to Stockholm.

In Stockholm I spent almost 3 years building an in-house design studio for a consulting company, making sure they integrated, scaled and where profitable. The business in combination with overseeing the creative innovation, from A to Z is my forte, assuring a smooth delivery of any kind of product, brand or digital solution.

Since 2021 I’m working as Head of Experience and Design, Nordics, for Accenture Song, the largest creative agency in the world. Driving design and creativity first, with access to over 750.000 experts is just breathtaking!

Apart from designing and innovating I have the privilege to speak publicly about design, digital transformation and mentor other creatives. I’m on the advisory board of Vicity, the worlds first AI based city guide, curating the best experiences for you. 

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*Digital Solutions & Innovation within UX/CX/BX






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